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6 days Tour in Uzbekistan

The six-day tour in Uzbekistan.
During this short but intense tour you will visit three ancient cities of Uzbekistan, with their rich cultural heritage.
This tour will get you acquainted with the traditions of the Uzbek people, its culture, you will plunge into the world of ancient mysteries and legends. During the time spent in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, you will see a lot of historical monuments, mosques, museums and mausoleums.

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Tour Uzb "Two Legends" NW

 Tour two Legends

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Eco-Tour to the Aral Sea "Frozen melody"

You will surely like our Eco-Tour to the Aral Sea if you are a fan of extreme adventures and unusual travel. Our tour brings you to the Aral Sea, located on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Once it was enclosed salty lake in Central Asia and the 4th in the world for its size.
But in the second half of the twentieth century, there was a rapid decline of water level in the Aral Sea.

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Group tours in Uzbekistan

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Tour Uzb "Two Legends" NW

 Tour two Legends

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Individual tours

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Combined tours

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Special tours in Uzbekistan

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Tour to Yurt Camp

Our two-day tour to the yurt camp in Kyzyl Kum desert begins with a trip to Nurata region. On the way there will be several stops. First stop - the city of Gizhduvan. Here you will visit the workshop of the famous ceramics school "Gijduvan Ceramics", as well as Memorial Al Gijduvani and Ulugbek Madrasah.

Next stop is Sarmyshsay,  protected area which is famous for its cave paintings (petrogliphs).

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Samarkand Day Tour

 One day Samarkand city tour will introduce you to the monuments of medieval architecture and history of the ancient city. The tour begins with a review of one of the greatest attractions of Samarkand - Tomb of Tamerlane.
You will be able to appreciate the skill of the ancient builders and architects. Due to the unique architectural styles, beautiful and unique exterior and interior decoration of buildings, the great masters of antiquity wrote a page in the history of world culture.

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Тима и Юрий Ш.
Очень понравилось, город Бухара - есть история, просто чудо, окунулись в 18 век Востока. Спасибо вам...

Тима и Юрий Ш. Казань

Владимир Косарев
Дорогие друзья, приветствуем вас! Вернулись домой, пока отходим от впечатлений, которых множество. О...

Владимир Косарев Москва

Добрый день! Посетили Узбекистан с семьей в конце февраля . Всего на три дня самостоятель...

Наталья г.Москва


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