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9 days tour to Uzbekistan

9 days Tour to Uzbekistan was created considering the selected flights and transfers between cities. We picked up some of the best hotels in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, where you will enjoy the atmosphere of the East and its beauty, all in combination of high service and convenient location in the center, near the main attractions of the Old Town of these cities.

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8 day Tour to Uzbekistan “Four Gems of Uzbekistan”

This classic tour covers four must-visit cities in Uzbekistan. The tour starts in Tashkent - the largest city in Central Asia and the modern capital of Uzbekistan.
For its visitors and guests Tashkent offers a unique blend of modern infrastructure and urban architecture with famous historical and archaeological sites.

The next destination is Khiva - the ancient capital of the emirate of Horezm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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6 days Tour in Uzbekistan

The six-day tour in Uzbekistan.
During this short but intense tour you will visit three ancient cities of Uzbekistan, with their rich cultural heritage.
This tour will get you acquainted with the traditions of the Uzbek people, its culture, you will plunge into the world of ancient mysteries and legends. During the time spent in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, you will see a lot of historical monuments, mosques, museums and mausoleums.

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Navruz Tour NW

 Navruz Tour

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New Year Tour to Uzbekistan 2 NW

 New Year Tour to Uzbekistan 6 days

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Козлов А.В
В период c 13 по 21 мая 2017 года вместе с компанией Minzifa Travel совершили путешествие по маршрут...

Козлов А.В Москва

Слишком мало времени прошло после поездки в Узбекистан; мы столько увидели и узнали, что потребуется...


Никерясова Вероника Викторовна
Путешествовали семьей по 4 городам, 7 дней. Отличная и четкая организация всего, хорошие отели, инт...


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