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8 day Tour to Uzbekistan “Four Gems of Uzbekistan”

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8 day Tour to Uzbekistan “Four Gems of Uzbekistan”

Cultural Tour " Four Germs of Uzbekistan" in 2016

Country: Uzbekistan 
Tour duration: 8 days / 7 nights 
Group size: from 1 upto 12 persons
Itinerary: Tashkent  -  Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkand - Tashkent 
Type of tour: culture, history, architecture 
Tour dates: By request

This classic tour covers four must-visit cities in Uzbekistan. The tour starts in Tashkent - the largest city in Central Asia and the modern capital of Uzbekistan.
For its visitors and guests Tashkent offers a unique blend of modern infrastructure and urban architecture with famous historical and archaeological sites.

The next destination is Khiva - the ancient capital of the emirate of Horezm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The walking tour will reveal the secrets of this legendary city, remain an unforgettable impression on you.
Then the tour leads you to Bukhara - "Pearl of the East". Every year, thousands of foreign visitors and tourists fall under the charms of this "oriental beauty". Ancient buildings, madrasas, mosques, minarets, blue domes, covered bazaars - these are the touches that blend effortlessly into a colorful picture of the modern appearance of the city of Bukhara.

The route then will take us to Samarkand - one of the oldest cities in the world, the central point of the Silk Road between China and Europe. Being a center for a huge number of architectural monuments UNESCO put Samarkand to World Heritage List as a city-crossroad of cultures.
The tour will end at its starting point - the city of Tashkent. 



Arrival to the capital of sunny Uzbekistan.
Hotel check-in. Rest.
Sightseeing around the central part of Tashkent:
  • "Mustakilik Maidoni" - Independence Square
  • Amir Timur’s Monument and square 
Welcome dinner at a restaurant in the capital.
Overnight in Tashkent hotel.


Day 2: Tashkent


 After breakfast, the sightseeing program:

• State Museum of Applied Arts. The museum features unique exhibits that tell the history of the decorative arts of Uzbekistan. Among them there are the work of masters of wood carving and embossing, gold embroiderers and jewelers etc.
• A visit to the Old City of Tashkent
• Kukeldash Madrasah
• Juma Mosque, the third largest Friday mosque in Uzbekistan 
Lunch at a local tea house.
Continuation of sightseeing program:
• Complex Hast-Imam - the mosque where’s kept the most famous Quran in the world - the Osman Koran (7th century) - the original source of the holy book of Islam
• Tashkent’s  underground – the pride of the city. This is one of the two subway systems operating in Central Asia now (the other one is in Almaty). Tashkent metro stations will surprise you with its decor, not so typical for public transport. Each station – it’s one of a kind exposure of mastership of contemporary designers and builders
Overnight in Tashkent hotel.
What is extra to do in the capital:
• Chorsu Bazaar
• Opera and Ballet Theatreof Alisher Navoi
• Rakhimov’s Ceramic Studio in the Old Town. Rakhimov’s dynasty has more than six generations of masters of ceramics. Many of the family’s masterpieces are stored in the Hermitage Museum and the Museum of East
• Amir Timur Museum - Museum of History of the Timurid’s dynasty
• Tashkent TV Tower


Day 3: Tashkent - Khiva


In the morning flight to Urgench. Transfer from Urgench to Khiva (35km).

Sightseeing program:
• The famous Ichan-Qala (12-19 th century), an internal city of Khiva, which retained more than 50 memorials and ancient buildings.
• Fortress Kunya Ark
• Ensemble Pakhlavan Mahmoud
• Stone Manor - Tash-Hovli Palace 
• Minaret Kalta Minor - the symbol of the city
• Islam Khodja Complex
Lunch at a local tea house.
Further along the sightseeing program:
• Juma Mosque
• Khodja-Islam Mosque
• Tim Ala Kulihan Mosque
• Madrassah of Abdullah Khan
• Seyid Alauddin Mausoleum
• Madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan
• Madrassah of Muhammad Rahim Khan
• Nurullbay’s Palace
Overnight in Khiva hotel.
What is extra to do in Khiva: by request
• The ancient fortresses of Khorezm: Kyzyl-Kala, Toprak Kala, Ayaz Kala (200 km)
• Folklore show
• Wood carving workshop


Day 4: Khiva - Bukhara


Morning departure from Khiva and a long road to Bukhara (470 km, 7 - 10 hours).
A trip through the desert of red sand, which is also called the Kyzylkum, the 11th largest desert in the world.
During the trip you can admire the Amu Darya River, as one third of the road runs parallel to the flow of this great river of Central Asia, also you’ll be able to communicate with the family of local shepherds, who have established their yurts (nomadic tents) near the road.
13:00 Lunch in a local tea house, along the route there are many local eateries (teahouse).
18:00 Arrival to the Pearl of the Orient - the city of Bukhara.
Hotel check-in.
19:00 Dinner at a local restaurant or a private home.
Evening leisure, walks in the evening around Bukhara.
Overnight in Bukhara hotel.
NOTE: If the flight Urgench-Bukhara will be available, transfer Khiva-Bukhara will be organized by plane.


Day 5: Bukhara


• Mausoleum of Ismail Samani - the burial place of the powerful Samanid emir. The architectural solution of construction and artistic details of the brickwork of the 9 century, frankly are unique, they reflect the traditional style of the pre-Islamic culture
• Chashma Ayub is located near the mausoleum of Ismoil Samani - religious building, which includes a mausoleum and a sacred well - Well Ayub (Job). The water of this well is considered to be healing
• The ensemble of Kosh-madrasah, one of the most beautiful monuments,  is located not far from the mausoleum of the Samani and Chashma-Ayub.
Continuation of sightseeing program:
• Bolo Hauz complex
• Citadel Ark
• Mosque and Kalyan Minaret
• Miri-Arab Madrasah
• Mosque Magokki-Attori
• Ulugbek Madrasah
• AbdulazizMadrasah
• Caravanserai and the ensemble of Lyabi House which consists of Kukeldash madrassah Nodir Divan-begi madrassah and Khanaka
• The sightseeing program ends with a visit to Chor-Minor, which means "four minarets"
Evening leisure time.
Overnight in Bukhara hotel.
What is extra to do in Bukhara:
• Bozori Kord - men's bathhouse, daily except Tuesday
• Hammon Kunzhak - women bathhouse, near the Kalyan Minaret
• Folklore and fashion Show  - Madrasah Nadir Divan-Begi
• Puppet show
• House-Museum of Faizullah Khodjaev – first president of Bukhara Independent Republic (1921-1924), engineer of the water supply system, one of the founders of “Youth Bukharians” movement.
• Karakul Plant

• Ceramics workshop in Gijduvan 


Day 6: Bukhara - Samarkand


 After breakfast the out-of-town sightseeing program:

• Sitora-Mohi-Khosa - the summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara 
• Holy mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi (1544)
• Ancient Chor-Bakr, built on a place of burial of Prophet Muhammad’s descendants 
The silence and solitude of these architectural ensembles slows down the algorithm of modern life and force to think about God.
Lunch at a local tea house.
Departure from Bukhara in the afternoon, the road to Samarkand (270 km, 4 hours)
• Short stop at the monument of the 11th century Rabat Malik.
The word "Rabat" in Arabic means "castle" or "fortress". It was used to refer to the fortified settlements and recreation along the caravan routes. Unfortunately, up to now there are only the ruins of the entrance arch left. Arch called by locals "Bukhara Gate", "Gateway to the Desert" or "Gate to Nowhere".
In addition, upon request:
Stop in Gizhduvan for a visit of the famous family of potters and also review the Madrasah of Ulugbek.
Arrival to Samarkand, check-in at the hotel.


Day 7: Samarkand city tour


 Sightseeing program around Samarkand:

• Registan Square - symbol of the city, the architectural ensemble of the 14th century
• Gur-Emir Mausoleum, where Amir Temur and his dynasty are buried
• Bibi – Khanum Mosque, built in honor of Amir Timur’s wife
• Shahi Zinda Complex
Next on sightseeing program:
• The ancient settlement Afrosiyob
Overnight in Samarkand hotel.
Additionally, in Samarkand:
• Siyob Bazaar
• Folklore Show in Sherdor madrasah
• Silk carpets factory "Hodjom"
• Koni Gil (10 km from Samarkand) - famous Samarkand paper mill, which launched production of silk paper with old technology in Samarkand.


Day 8: Samarkand - Tashkent


Early in the morning, start sightseeing program in the suburb (30 km form Samarkand)
• Al Bukhari Mausoleum the famous Islamic theologist of 9 century.  
• Ulugbek’s observatory - the unique construction of the 15th century 
Lunch in a teahouse.
• Mausoleum of Prophet Daniel
• Afrosiyob Museum 
Transfer Samarkand - Tashkent, by evening train “Afrasiab”
18:00 Departure from Samarkand
20:10 Arrival to Tashkent
21: 00 Farewell dinner at one of the Tashkent’s restaurant.
Transfer to Tashkent Airport - international departures. 

End of TOUR !


What is included:
  1. 24/7 tour support by our Tour Operator;
  2. Accommodation at hotels and breakfast;
  3. Transportation during the whole tour;
  4. Entrance tickets to museums and sights
  5. Tickets for the train "Afrosiyob", "Sharq", economy class
  6. Early arrival to the hotel and late check-out as per the itinerary
  7. English speaking guide 
What is extra:
  1. International Flights to / from Uzbekistan, Our Traveal Asistents can help you to chose one.
  2. Early arriving and later check-out;
  3. Extra services in hotels;
  4. Tips for guides and drivers (welcomed)
Number of persons in group: 2 3-5
Classic tour - includes 2*- 3* hotels $ 810 $ 720 $ 810 $ 720
Prime tour - includes 4*- 5* hotels 0 0
City Hotel
Tashkent Shodlik Palace, Samir Hotel
Samarkand Malika Prime, Diyora 4* 
Bukhara Minzifa Hotel, Bibi-khanym Hotel
Khiva Arkonchi Hotel

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