Tour to Yurt Camp

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Tour to Yurt Camp

Two-day tour to Yurt Camp in Kyzylkum desert

Country: Uzbekistan
The destination point: Yurt camp
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Group size: maximum of 12 people, at least 1 person
Itinarary: Bukhara - Gijduvan - Sarmyshsay - Nurata - Aydarkul - Samarkand
Tour type: culture, history
Activity: Average, walking tour

Dates of departure in 2016: every day 

Our two-day tour to the yurt camp in Kyzyl Kum desert begins with a trip to Nurata region. On the way there will be several stops. First stop - the city of Gizhduvan. Here you will visit the workshop of the famous ceramics school "Gijduvan Ceramics", as well as Memorial Al Gijduvani and Ulugbek Madrasah.

Next stop is Sarmyshsay,  protected area which is famous for its cave paintings (petrogliphs).

And the final aim is the yurt camp, situated in the vast expanse of the majestic Kyzyl Kum desert. You can become a real nomad - the romance of the dunes is waiting for you; starry dome above your head; night in yurts; food cooked on the fire; songs and stories of a local bard. The tour to Yurt Camp includes camel riding to the nearest village. Here you can taste the hot and tender Uzbek bread straight from the tandoor. In the evening you will taste delicious national dinner.



Early departure from Bukhara, road to Sarmishsay (150 km, 2 hours).
On the way stop in Gijduvan, visit the ceramics workshop of Uzbekistan famous masters.
Next the tour will leads you to Sarmyshsay Sanctuary.
Historic Site Sarmyshsay still is called The Gallery of Images of the Stone Age. More than 3,000 rock drawings - petroglyphs - in the form of images of wild animals, people, hunting scenes and the life of the Stone Age period.
Trip to Nurata (80 km, 1 hour).
Visiting Chashma complex - a holy spring and the ruins of the fortress Nur, which was founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC.
Lunch at the local tea house or lunch boxes.
Then we continue our way to  yurt camp, located near the lake Aydarkul in the Kyzylkum desert.
Arrival to Yurt camp, accommodation in yurts.
In the evening, dinner by the fire, and the performance of the Kazakh bard - folk singer.




Breakfast in the yurt camp
Camel riding, the trip to the lake Aydarkul or to the nearby village.
Lunch at the camp
After lunch drive to Samarkand (300 km, 3.5 hours).
End of the tour. You can find similar or additional tours in our tour catalog and make a request to our tour operator on your tour extension.


What is included:
  1. 24/7 tour support by our Tour Operator;
  2. Accommodation at Yurt Canp ;
  3. Transportation during the whole tour;
  4. Full board; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  5. Camel ride.                 
What is extra:
  1. International Flights to / from Uzbekistan, Our Traveal Asistents can help you to chose one.
  2. Early arriving and later check-out;
  3. Extra services in Yurts;
  4. Camel ride to village;
  5. Tips for guides and drivers (welcomed)
Number of persons in group: 1 2    3-5    
Classic tour  $ 195 $ 115 $ 95   $ 115 $ 95
City Hotel
Aydarkul  Yurt Camp
Bukhara, Samarkand N/A


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